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Jez Poetic

Managing Director

& Founder of FORM180 


Jeremy (also known as Jez Poetic)  is the Founder of FORM180 and has 16 years lived experience of mental health difficulties from which he has now miraculously recovered. He has also been in the youth work industry for at least 18 years. Jez was initially trained in IT Support, followed by various roles where his main duties have been working with children and young people. As a  Social Entrepreneur and Spoken Word Artist  with a creative flair and leadership qualities, Jez has built a repertoire of skills that he has used to develop FORM180 - a wonderful mosaic of Jeremy's gifts, talents and ultimately the great achievement of turning his life around using poetry after suffering for years with Bipolar Disorder.  He considers his journey to be one that defies the odds; as very few can say that they have accomplished what he has in his career given his diagnosis. Humbled but yet passionate, committed and inspired by this truth, Jez loves to share his story with the youth of today. Although the idea of looking up to role models is not new, he has a unique style of delivery and has created a fresh concept with an ambitious but achievable plan to build FORM180 into a thriving social enterprise and a force for good.



Operations Director

Dave is a qualified youth support worker with over 10 years experience in various settings within the children and young people's workforce. He is passionate about seeing positive outcomes in the lives of young people while sharing advice and guidance to help them reach their potential.  Dave was regularly suspended from school and eventually permanently excluded; being allowed to only return to sit 3 GCSEs. Thankfully an alternative education programme that he was referred to provided assistance for Dave to begin turning his life around, and with the help of a mentor, friends, family and his local church, Dave did just that. Despite mental health battles and a later diagnosis of a personality disorder, Dave went on to work as a Youth Worker, helping deliver the same programmes and support that he had once received. He continues to share his experiences and skills in the hopes that young people will become the best version of themselves and get the support services needed to thrive. Dave is married with 3 Children and in his free time enjoys reading, going to the gym, long walks and spending time with his family.

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