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At FORM180 we recognise that the welfare of children and young people is paramount. 

Our organisation is led by a management team with responsibilities for safeguarding children and young people and our policy for safeguarding children and young people therefore requires every adult working for or assisting FORM180 to be DBS checked. Consequently, our policy applies to all staff, managers, directors, volunteers or anyone working on behalf of FORM180.


All children despite race, gender, religious belief, disability, age, sexual orientation or identity have a right to equal protection from all harm. This includes sexual abuse and exploitation, grooming, physical, emotional abuse, neglect or any other forms of crime.


Some children are more vulnerable to harm as a result of their circumstances, prior experiences, communication needs or level of dependency. Thus, we believe that working with children, young people, their parents and/or guardians, carers or other agencies is essential to protecting their wellbeing.


Our policy for safeguarding children and young people is intended to protect children and young people including those who are the children of adults who may receive services from us as a project.


At FORM180 we believe that no child or young person should ever experience any kind of abuse or harm and are totally committed to protecting and safeguarding children and young people.

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