Jade Burns FORM180.png


Peer Mentor

Jade was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at age 14 after trying to kill herself twice. Having depression made school such a struggle for her that she got excluded multiple times and almost got expelled. It was impacting a lot of things, even getting out of bed in the morning seemed like a really hard task and because of this, her attendance suffered a lot. She couldn’t find the motivation to do even simple daily tasks. It was even affecting her relationship with friends and family. It isolated her.


However, Jade started working on herself and went to counselling which led to her going to college, where she initially did Art and Design, but realised her real passion was wanting to help people. She now has the opportunity to work with young people; helping them turn their lives around the same way people helped her when she needed it most.


Jade is now a mom to a beautiful boy with a positive mindset and outlook on the future. She enjoys drawing (mostly cartoon characters), cooking, spending time with her family and helping her son become the best version of himself. She is very excited to be in such a rewarding career.

Iyrandeep Johal - FORM180.png


Peer Mentor

Iyran wishes that when he was at school, he had the support that FORM180 and the POWERS programme provides students. During his time at School, Iyran struggled with ADHD and he had support from the school which was the right support for him. He also turned his life around even though he was told he could not achieve his GCSES, but he went on to go to college. With sheer hard work and support, Iyran passed all of his courses. He is now a qualified Personal Trainer and his honourable achievements are going to St Georges Park and also doing charity work with blind Dave Heeley OBE in partnership with the Albion Foundation. 


Iyran wants to help young people achieve their full potential in life and he wants to share his skills with others. He wishes to help and support young people as he can relate due to his own experience and believes that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it with the assistance of positive influences around you.


In his spare time, Iyran enjoys reading Manga, watching Anime and collecting Anime merch as well as trying Japanese snacks. He loves watching his football team Manchester united play, is skilled at playing the Dhol Drum (Indian bhangra drum), likes Basketball and American Football.